Le Mystère de Sappho et Sensualité Femme(The Mystery of Sappho and Female Sensuality)

Le Mystère de Sappho et Sensualité Femme(The Mystery of Sappho and Female Sensuality)

La Soirée Bohème à Montmartre


Une soirée de:Cuisine Grecque Aphrodisiac, Sculptures Comestibles,
Lectures de Poésie érotique, Musique Irlandaise en Direct!Aphrodisiac Greek Cuisine, Edible Sculptures, Erotic Poetry Readings, Live Irish Music!

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What They Are Saying…

“The place is so beautiful…we seem to be in an another “époque” with this Art Déco style, i adore it. The people were very générous and talented. Cara is a very good and beautiful ‘maîtresse de maison’, receving so kindly each guest. A special thanks to the chefs, beautiful ladies, for giving us extraordinary food, so delicious.
The cakes were to die for!”

-Marie Barathe Castillo, Property Manager for Airbnb, Francaise

“An evening of discovery from amazing home-made foods…it was an amazing way to meet talented, curious, open-minded, passionate individuals…photographers, actors, musicians, singers, authors, sculptors, and individuals from various professions and countries…wonderful memories, new friendships and that ‘I can’t wait till the next soirée’ sensation!”

-Deborah Gallin, Corporate Marketing and Communications Director, American

“Being part of this evening like breathing deeply…essential and natural. The people were inspiring and exciting. The wine was delicious. Fun, humor, understanding, closeness…flow!”

-Lia Zefir, Graphiste, Designer, Hungarian

“Delicious soiree Bohème with clever audience, great atmosphere and lot of passion.”

-Marc Dutoit, Business Compliance Consultant, Francais
“It was totally amazing! A splendid artistic presentation about galaxies, black holes and baby stars! A speach about a good book! A cute tiny lemur painting! One of the best contra bassists: Mauricio Romero! Wonderful conversations, food, wine and desserts!!! ‘On ne regrette pas sa soirée!'” -Fabian Conan, Ingénieur OPC at Assystem, Francais

“Exploring the unknown during a ‘Soirée Bohème in Montmartre’, felt like we were all embarking on Cara’s space ship! We all seemed to have the beautiful ‘we’ve certainly met before’ feeling as we had such a fabulous sense of unity, of being part of something -‘une chose’- La fameuse chose (special dedicace to Marvelous Maurizio Romero on contra bass and Corinne Boujasson performing poetry)! We all shared delightful exotic cuisine created with love , in an atmosphere of perfect harmony.
Thank You all. We’ll meet again!”

-Veronik Menanteau, Visual Artist and Integral Yoga Facilitator, Francaise View Veronik’s Website

“A great group, easy to mix in. And so much musical talent!”

-Linda Quinet, Retired Journalist, Editor, Web Designer

“It was nicely done in a very elegant, calm setting. The food was very good, and the people very friendly.”

-Kenneth Wise, Translator of Spanish and French into English/Language Instructor & Tutor, Irish/American

“What a nice evening! When’s the next one?”

-Corrine Boujasson, Productrice – Auteur – Metteur en Scène, Francaise
“I had many interesting conversations with international creatives and delicious food.” -Gerlinde Miesenbock, Photographer

“A wonderful evening of good food and wine, delightful company and stimulating conversation. Highly recommended!”

-Hazel Manuel, Writer

“The event was amazing!”

-Bernadette Martin, Storytelling Evenings and Dinner Host, Paris, www.meetup.com/Paris-Storytelling-Evenings-Meetup-chez-moi

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