Literary Salon Archive

Literary Salon Archive

August 25 2017

Viktor & I - An Alexander Vesely Film (Viktor Frankl)

The Caritas Center

Boulder, CO 80302

January 24 2016

La soirée Bohême de Montmartre


44 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, 75018 Paris, France

Scientists and Poets: What is it to be Human?
Sept. 2017, Boulder, CO.

How Does the Paradigm of Perfection Immobilize Women?
Feb., 2017, Boulder, CO.

Trick or Treat Artist’s Soiree
Nov., 2016, Paris, FR.

Sept. 2016, Paris, FR.

Genius and the Gender Gap
Sept. 2016, Boulder, CO.

Cultural Marginalists/World Citizens: Cross Cultural Understanding and Adaptation
Sept. 2016, Boulder, CO.

Les Fleurs
July, 2016, Paris, FR.

Embracing the Unknown
June, 2016, Paris, FR.

La Soiree Boheme a Montmartre
May, 2016, Paris, FR.

Illuminating the Enlightenment: Emilie du Chatelet and VoltaireJan., 2015, Paris, FR.

La Soiree Bohème à Montmartre
Jan. 2016, Paris, FR.

What are the core issues behind the Paris attacks and how can we effectively build bridges between the West and the Middle East?
Dec. 2015, Boulder, CO.

Women in Film
Aug. 2015, Boulder, CO

Acoustic Music with East Coast Singer/Songwriters Kristin Andreassen and Chris Eldridge
July 2015, Boulder, CO.

The Cultural History of Gypsy Flamenco
May, 2015, Boulder, CO

The Brazilian Art of Love and Chocolate
Feb. 2015, Boulder, CO.

The Sense and Sensibility of Jane Austen
Nov. 2014, Boulder, CO

Dinner with Da Vinci
Oct. 2014, Boulder, CO

Ruminating Rumi
Sept. 2014, Boulder, CO