Cafe de la Culture Presents:

Literary Salons & Panel Discussions

Literary Salons explore how different ideas can come together to form a larger, cohesive picture. These events range from individual lectures to panel sessions and informal evenings.

The Halloween Journey

The Halloween Journey is a special celebration that celebrates the history, ecology, and folklore of the Catskills.

Courageous Vulnerability

Attendees can join panel discussions on topics such as gender equality, redefining masculinity, courage, vulnerability, and more.

The Alchemy of Imperfection

The Alchemy of Imperfection is a theatrical performance that features international voices who lend their insights on the topic of confronting cultural boundaries through storytelling, music, and dance. It has been described as “a TED Talk meets Vagina Monologues” in its powerful poignancy. Audience Q&A is also part of this event format ensuring meaningful dialogue between speaker and listener alike.