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How Can Men Support Women to Speak Up and Be Seen: Part 1

“Courageous Vulnerability: How Can Men Support Women to Speak Up and Be Seen?”

A Non-Profit Literary Salon in Honor of #metoo, #hertoo, #timesup

A Conference Panel and Multi-Media Literary Salon presented by Cafe de la Culture in Partnership with Moving to End Sexual Assault, Musical Ambassadors for Peace, The Caritas Center, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and Savory Spice

Hosted by The Invisible city in Denver, CO

GUEST SPEAKERS (In order of appearance):

Carre Sutton, Women’s Rights Activist, Author, Model, and Mom,;

Theo Wilson, Community Activist, and Poet,;

Windy Borman, Executive Producer, Director, Transmedia Strategist,;

Camilo Casas, Journalist, Sexual Assault Activist; Sarah Dobson, Sexual Assault Activist and Prevention Specialist,; Imetai Henderson, L. Ac GUEST ARTISTS (In order of appearance):

Wellington Bullings, Singer and Songwriter,; Dexter Payne, Dexter Payne, Musician,;

Charlie Rose, Musician,;

Donna Mejia, Dancer, Choreographer, Professor,; Kristina Sophia, Singer, Recording Artist, Activist,;

Niki Tulk, Writer, and Theater Maker,;

Cara Cruickshank, Writer, Producer, Event Curator,; Egemen Kisikli, Musician and Singer (appearing in Part 2) Audio, Visual and Editing by James Johnson. Cinematography by Amanda Bowers.

Curated by Cara Cruickshank. Café de la Culture is an international venue that offers performances, literary salons, and artistic residencies for a diverse population of artists, thinkers, and visionaries. We are here to create an inclusive, dynamic meeting place for the exchange of timely ideas and creative vision. As a participant at Café de la Culture, you will join in a social renaissance, engaging in meaningful discourse with peers and experts from a variety of fields and backgrounds, while building constructive collaborations which bring forth understanding, new ideas, and grass-roots social change.

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