Past Events

What They Are Saying…

"The place is so beautiful...we seem to be in an another "époque" with this Art Déco style, i adore it. The people were very générous and talented. Cara is a very good and beautiful 'maîtresse de maison', receving so kindly each guest. A special thanks to the chefs, beautiful ladies, for giving us extraordinary food, so delicious.
The cakes were to die for!"

-Marie Barathe Castillo, Property Manager for Airbnb, Francaise

"An evening of discovery from amazing home-made was an amazing way to meet talented, curious, open-minded, passionate individuals...photographers, actors, musicians, singers, authors, sculptors, and individuals from various professions and countries...wonderful memories, new friendships and that 'I can't wait till the next soirée' sensation!"

-Deborah Gallin, Corporate Marketing and Communications Director, American

"Exploring the unknown during a 'Soirée Bohème in Montmartre', felt like we were all embarking on Cara's space ship! We all seemed to have the beautiful 'we've certainly met before' feeling as we had such a fabulous sense of unity, of being part of something -'une chose'- La fameuse chose (special dedicace to Marvelous Maurizio Romero on contra bass and Corinne Boujasson performing poetry)! We all shared delightful exotic cuisine created with love , in an atmosphere of perfect harmony.
Thank You all. We'll meet again!"

-Veronik Menanteau, Visual Artist and Integral Yoga Facilitator, Francaise View Veronik's Website