Our Mission And Goals

At Café de la Culture, we offer international literary salons and performances to provide a space for discussing crucial topics.

Our goal is to bring together individuals from all backgrounds to exchange ideas, foster meaningful conversations and generate new visions.

We strive to inform, inspire and empower our audiences through thought-provoking theater performances, conference panels, and interactive Q&A sessions.

Moreover, we wish to encourage women of all generations and colors to be involved in social and political spheres by setting up these events worldwide. Therefore, we invite everyone – from different genders and sexuality – to join us for powerful evenings that involve consequential debates about gender equality along with the collaborative design of new social paradigms.

Inspiring Conversations and Empowering Change Globally

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Gold sponsor

Our esteemed Gold Level, ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, bestows the following advantages upon your organization:

  • The allocation of twelve tickets accompanied by VIP access privileges.
  • Prior recognition in anticipation of the event through numerous promotional channels which include: Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn; presence on our prestigious website; targeted email communications; online advertisements; as well as print flyer distribution.
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  • A complimentary swag bag provision for all ten allocated members interspersed with preferred seating arrangement opportunities at the event.
  • An open invitation to join us at our exclusive after-party gathering.
  • Officiated mention during production phases acknowledging your organization’s valuable contribution.

Your patronage at this level elevates not only your brand visibility but also bolsters the value and impact of our shared objectives represented within this revered event.

Silver sponsor

The Silver Level tier, priced at $5,000-$9,999 offers the following package:

  • A provision of 8 Tickets inclusive of VIP access.
  • Initiating promotional activities prior to the event through various digital platforms including Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), our Official Website Presence. Enhanced recognition will also be given through Email Blasts dissemination as well as Online Advertisements and Flyers distribution.
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  • Allocation to a preferred seating arrangement for optimal viewing pleasure.
  • Granting an opportunity for access to the post-event celebratory gathering (“After-party”).
  • An exclusive acknowledgement during the course of our production proceedings.

We uphold utmost integrity in tailoring these benefits more fittingly in alignment with your company’s requisites for comprehensive brand exposure.

Bronze sponsor

Our Bronze Level sponsorship, ranging from $2,500 to $4,999, offers the following benefits:

  • Provision for 6 entry passes (exclusive of VIP access)
  • Prior event acknowledgment through various platforms such as social media promotion spanning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn; a dedicated spot on our website; frequent email broadcasts; web-based advertisements and printed flyers
  • The privilege of including a corporate item within our attendees’ Goodie Bag
  • Preference in seating arrangements
  • A special mention during the course of the event’s production

How Your Money Helps

Your sponsorship supports the development of this project to empower women and minorities and shift gender and social paradigms through theater, community building, and constructive dialogue.

Our Sponsors

In an Era When a Leader of the Free World is Bragging

about Grabbing Women by the Pussy…

We Are Asking Questions!

What happens when women speak and act truthfully? 

What are the consequences when we don’t?

What is the cost of aiming for perfection?