Bring the Conversation to Your Campus or Community

Inspiring Social Change through Thought-Provoking Theater Performances

Café de la Culture strives to bring people together to discuss, incubate and understand vital topics and ideas. Our goal is to create an inclusive dynamic space where meaningful conversations can take place in a timely manner. We offer theatrical performances paired with panels featuring a diverse range of views, followed by interactive Q&As for an engaging experience.

Empowering individuals and facilitating collaboration are of utmost importance to us. Café de la Culture encourages women in particular, as well as men and LGBTQ persons, to rise up with their voices regardless of background or generation in order to achieve gender equality and new collaborating social paradigms. Join us for our events around the world!

Bring the Conversation to Your Campus or Community! 

Looking for an exclusive and engaging experience? Look no further than Café de la Culture. Our premium events seamlessly blend together elements of science, history, literature, technology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, world music, and dance. And to top it all off, we include culinary delicacies! 

Bring the Conversation to Your Campus or Community! Our customized events are perfect for university departments, student groups, theaters, and more. We cast and curate local artists, faculty, and students to be our performers and panelists – this is an ideal way to get your community engaged.

Alternatively, you can book us for a pre-assembled performance or panel. Plus we can add curricula focused on specific topics throughout the semester! Professional actors can also be hired to work alongside students.

So what are you waiting for? Countact us today and host an event that’s memorable and educational – who knows, you may even spark a passion in someone along the way!