Join the Discussion: Engage with Experts and Build Bridges of Understanding

A unique cultural experience awaits at Cafe de la Culture.

Join us for engaging events that explore diverse ideas, celebrate history and folklore, and inspire meaningful dialogue on topics like gender equality, courage, vulnerability, and cultural boundaries. It’s like TED Talks meets theater in these powerful and thought-provoking experiences.

Expand your mind with Literary Salons & Panel Discussions.

Join our Literary Salons and Panel Discussions to delve deeper into the world of literature. Our literary salons bring together diverse ideas and perspectives, creating a cohesive picture of the literary landscape. These events offer a range of formats, from thought-provoking individual lectures to engaging panel discussions and relaxed evenings of informal conversation. Expand your knowledge and connect with fellow literature enthusiasts at our Literary Salons and Panel Discussions.

The Halloween Journey

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of The Halloween Journey, a unique and extraordinary celebration that delves into the captivating history, ecology, and folklore of the Catskills. Participants have the opportunity to engage with renowned experts and enthusiasts who share a passion for this mystical holiday. Join us on this captivating journey and uncover the hidden secrets and tales that make Halloween a truly magical experience.

Join the Discussion: Engage with Experts and Build Bridges of Understanding

Courageous Vulnerability

Attendees at the Courageous Vulnerability event will have the unique opportunity to participate in panel discussions on a variety of important topics. Join the conversation on gender equality and contribute to the ongoing efforts to redefine masculinity. Explore the concepts of courage and vulnerability in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our panel discussions provide a platform for meaningful dialogue and the exchange of ideas. Don’t miss out on this chance to engage with experts and fellow attendees in thought-provoking discussions that can shape our society for the better.

The Alchemy of Imperfection

Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of The Alchemy of Imperfection, a thought-provoking theatrical performance that pushes the boundaries of cultural norms. Through the art forms of storytelling, music, and dance, this captivating production brings together international voices to explore the power of confronting cultural boundaries.

Imagine a fusion of a TED Talk and Vagina Monologues, where powerful narratives are shared with raw vulnerability and genuine emotion. The Alchemy of Imperfection will leave you spellbound with its poignant performances and thought-provoking messages.

But it doesn’t end there. This unique event format also includes an audience Q&A session, fostering meaningful dialogue between the speakers and the listeners. This allows for a deeper understanding of the topics discussed and an opportunity to engage with the performers on a personal level.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary theatrical experience. Join us for The Alchemy of Imperfection and be part of a journey that celebrates imperfections and embraces the beauty of diversity.